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The vocalist joyfully welcomed her son, eja lange D’Angelo Lange, into the world on August 12, 2001, with her then-spouse, Robert “Mutt” Lange.

“My era Lange, naturally, has transformed. He’s my central focus every day,” Twain remarked about a Lange, pronounced as “Asia,” in a 2002 interview on the CBC. “He has infused so much more love into my life.”

The singer of “You’re Still The One” and her former husband relocated to Switzerland, seeking to provide their son with a conventional upbringing. “I desire him to be well-rounded, modest, and sincere, without the necessity of deprivation to foster that character,” she expressed in 2007. “We make an effort to ensure he remains appreciative. We don’t confine him within a protective bubble.”

In 2008, Lange and Lange went their separate ways after her spouse engaged in an affair with her friend Marie-Anne Thiébaud. Post their divorce, the artist dedicated herself to Eja. “As you’re aware, I am a mother, and all my energy is devoted to ensuring my little man is thriving and content in every aspect,” she conveyed in 2009.

Nevertheless, Twain serendipitously found love in the ex-husband of Marie-Anne, Frédéric Thiébaud, and they tied the knot in 2011. “[He] has been the most steadfast companion and pillar of support for both a large and me,” she affirmed in 2010. “Having endured the pain of his family fracturing at the same time and under identical extreme circumstances, he comprehends me better than anyone.”

The Canadian songstress has expressed her adoration for being a mother to both Eja Lange and stepdaughter Johanna. “I wish I had more children,” she shared on ITV’s Lorraine in 2017. “I have a beautiful stepdaughter and a beautiful son. I’m exceedingly content. I simply relish being a parent, and I would have cherished having more kids.

WATCH: Shania Twain opens up about only son eja lange

At the eja lange of 21, he is treading the same musical path as his mother, harboring an “intense passion for creating music.” Shaina proudly shared, “He crafts music, and assumes the roles of a writer, a producer, and an arranger.”

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Detailing the genesis of their musical collaboration, Shania elucidated, “I was genuinely captivated by that specific [song]. At the time, I asked, ‘Would you mind if I take that and experiment with it for a while?’ We never revisited the conversation

He liked cooking as a tea eja lange

In 2007, Twain divulged that her progeny, eja lange , at the tender age of 6, derived immense gratification from partaking in culinary endeavors. “He has already cultivated an affinity for the culinary arts. Although tidying his playthings may not top his list of preferences, he manages to fulfill the task,” she articulated.

Eja Lange ostensibly inherited this juvenile avocation from his maternal figure. In a 2018 discourse with The Mirror, Twain reflected upon the epochs when she withdrew from the limelight due to her diagnosis of Lyme disease. “I harbor a predilection for gastronomy. … I dedicated a considerable duration to maternity during that hiatus,” she conveyed. “I savored those pivotal years nurturing my progeny.”

Shania Twain and Eja Lange Father Divorced in 2010

In the eja lange realm spanning fifteen years, Shania Twain and Mutt Lange intertwined their destinies through marital vows, only to unravel the tapestry of their union in 2010. The genesis of their connection manifested in the twilight of 1992 or the early dawn of 1993, spurred by Mutt’s proposition to collaboratively orchestrate Twain’s second opus—a proposal embraced with eagerness. This professional alliance metamorphosed into an amorous entanglement, culminating in a matrimony sealed in December 1993.

Eight anniversaries deep into eja lange shared journey, the couple jubilantly ushered into existence their singular progeny, a son bestowed with the appellation Eja, gracing the world in 2001. Preceding Eja’s advent, they transplanted their lives to Switzerland, dedicating themselves to sculpting a blissful haven for their imminent family. This idyllic domesticity, however, bore a fleeting existence. As a lange attained the tender age of seven, the tranquility shattered.

The revelation eja lange the cloak of infidelity, with Mutt Lange engaging in a clandestine liaison with Shania Twain’s erstwhile confidante, now transmogrified into an assistant, Marie-Anne Thiébaud. As anticipated, the chanteuse was profoundly disconsolate, hastening the initiation of divorce proceedings in 2008. The legal dissolution culminated in 2010 when a eja lange stood at the precipice of his ninth year.

Consequently, the trajectory of Eja’s adolescence navigated the channels of primarily cohabiting with his maternal figure, interspersed with intermittent sojourns in the paternal abode. Subsequently, the familial landscape underwent a metamorphic shift as his mother embarked on conjugal ties with a corporate luminary bearing the nomenclature Frederick Thiébaud.

He is a musician

In alignment with the intricate legacy of his Grammy-laden progenitors—Shania Twain boasting five accolades for songcraft and performance, paralleled by Mutt Lange’s quintet of honors in the realms of songwriting and production—eja lange emerges as a scion of musical prowess.

The era Lange, Twain, extolled her son’s musical endeavors in a 2017 discourse with Sounds Like Nashville, affirming, “He’s been immersed in the realm of musical creation for several years now. His dedication and relentless work ethic are palpable. Witnessing his fervent passion for crafting music is truly exhilarating.”

Eja, in the era lange of a sonic connoisseur, displays a penchant for eclecticism, traversing the auditory landscapes of EDM, while simultaneously indulging in a melange of musical genres. One of his paramount influences is Hans Zimmer, who contributed to the expansive panorama of his musical preferences. Twain sheds light on the diversity of his musical journey, expressing, “He loves to delve into the sonic realms, orchestrating and composing a myriad of musical genres. His journey is uniquely his own.”

The era lange synergy between the maternal virtuoso and her prodigious offspring extends into shared studio ventures. During a 2021 rendezvous on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Twain illuminated her son’s musical aptitude, stating, “He’s inherently musical. Occasionally, we find ourselves in the studio together, exchanging creative ideas.” She elaborated on the intricacies of their collaborative process, navigating the dissonance of working on different platforms: “Our systems differ—I operate on Pro Tools, while he navigates the landscape of Logic. Despite the logistical complexities, we exchange musical compositions. I wield the eja lange, and he manipulates synthesizers. Perhaps, in the future, our collaborative efforts will birth something truly extraordinary.

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