Old Apostolic Lutheran Church RulesOld Apostolic Lutheran Church Rules

Introduction to the Old Apostolic Lutheran Church OALC

 The Old Apostolic Lutheran Church is a conservative Christian denomination that was founded in the late 19th century in Finland. It is a part of the larger Laestadian movement, which emphasizes the importance of personal faith and living a holy life.

History and Beliefs of the OALC

The Old Apostolic Lutheran Church OALC has a rich history rooted in the teachings of Martin Luther and the early Christian church. It was founded in Finland in the late 1800s and has since spread to other parts of Scandinavia, North America, and Australia.

The OALC adheres closely to traditional Lutheran beliefs, emphasizing salvation through faith alone and the authority of scripture. They believe in the Trinity – God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – and view baptism as a means of grace for believers.

One distinctive aspect of OALC is their commitment to preserving traditional practices. They prioritize simplicity in worship services, using hymns without musical instruments. Women wear head coverings during services as a sign of submission to God’s order.

Another important belief is separation from worldly influences. OALC members strive for holy living by abstaining from activities like dancing, drinking alcohol, watching movies or TV shows that go against their values.

While some criticize these rules as restrictive or outdated, OALC members see them as essential for maintaining a pure spiritual life centered on Christ’s teachings.

By following these rules diligently, members aim to create an environment where they can grow spiritually together while keeping away from worldly distractions. The rules serve as guidelines for living out their faith daily with integrity.

Living according to these strict standards can be challenging at times but also brings many benefits within the community. Members find strength and support from one another as they navigate life according to shared values. This sense of unity fosters deep connections that extend beyond religious gatherings into everyday interactions.

Importance of Rules in the OALC

Rules play a fundamental role in the Old Apostolic Lutheran Church OALC, shaping the lives and practices of its members. These rules are not meant to restrict or oppress individuals, but rather to guide them towards living a righteous and God-centered life.

Within the OALC, rules are viewed as essential for maintaining order, unity, and spiritual growth within the community. They provide a framework that helps members navigate their daily lives while upholding biblical principles and teachings.

The adherence to these rules fosters a strong sense of identity among OALC members. It serves as a reminder that they are part of something greater than themselves – a faith community committed to following Christ’s teachings with utmost devotion.

Moreover, these rules serve as safeguards against moral pitfalls and worldly temptations. By setting clear boundaries on various aspects of life such as dress code, entertainment choices, relationships, and personal conduct, members strive to protect their souls from worldly influences that may lead them astray from their faith.

While some may view these rules as strict or restrictive from an outsider’s perspective, they are seen by OALC followers as guidelines for leading meaningful lives filled with spirituality and righteousness. The importance lies not just in following the letter of each rule but also internalizing its spirit – to cultivate humility, love thy neighbor unconditionally, promote peace within oneself and others.

Basic Rules of the OALC

The Old Apostolic Lutheran Church OALC follows a set of rules that guide its members’ behavior and practices. These rules are based on their interpretation of the Bible and play a crucial role in shaping the lives of church members.

One fundamental rule is attending regular church services, which take place every Sunday as well as midweek gatherings. The OALC emphasizes the importance of community and fellowship, encouraging its members to actively participate in these meetings.

Another rule is modesty in dress and appearance. Members are expected to dress conservatively, avoiding clothing that may be perceived as immodest or flamboyant. This adherence to modesty extends beyond attire; it also encompasses personal grooming choices such as hairstyles and jewelry.

Additionally, respecting authority is highly valued within the OALC. Members are instructed to submit themselves not only to God but also to those placed in positions of leadership within the church hierarchy. Such obedience fosters unity among believers and ensures stability within the congregation.

Furthermore, alcohol consumption is generally discouraged among OALC members due to their belief that it can lead people astray from living a righteous life. Similarly, smoking or any other form of substance abuse is strongly discouraged.

Sexuality is another area where strict guidelines exist within the OALC community. Premarital sex, adultery, pornography – all fall under unequivocal condemnation by this religious group.

Moreover, maintaining strong family values holds significant importance for adherents of the OALC. Divorce is highly frowned upon unless there are biblical grounds for dissolution such as infidelity or abandonment.

Lastly yet importantly, education plays an essential role within this faith community; however,
higher education may sometimes be viewed with caution due to concerns about potential negative influences outside of their beliefs.

These basic rules govern various aspects of an individual’s life when they become part of the OALC congregation. While some might find these rules restrictive, they are considered by adherents as a way to lead a

Controversial Rules and Criticism

In every religious organization, there are bound to be rules that spark controversy and criticism. The Old Apostolic Lutheran Church OALC is no exception. Some of the rules followed by members have been met with skepticism and disagreement from those outside the church.

One of the most debated rules is the prohibition against women wearing pants or cutting their hair. Critics argue that these restrictions perpetuate gender inequality and limit a woman’s freedom of expression. Others find fault with OALC’s strict dress code, viewing it as unnecessary rigidity in modern society.

Another point of contention revolves around the OALC’s stance on technology. Members are encouraged to avoid television, radio, internet usage, and even cell phones in some cases. This has been criticized as backward-thinking and isolating individuals from important aspects of contemporary life.

Furthermore, critics question OALC’s emphasis on maintaining Swedish as its primary language for worship services. They argue that this exclusionary practice may hinder inclusivity for non-Swedish speakers within the congregation.

Despite these criticisms, it is crucial to recognize that every religious community operates based on their own beliefs and values. While outsiders may not understand or agree with certain practices within OALC, it remains essential to approach these discussions with respect and an open mind.

The old adage “to each his own” comes into play when evaluating controversial rules within any faith tradition. It is ultimately up to individual members whether they choose to adhere strictly to all regulations or interpret them more flexibly in light of personal circumstances.

Criticism should not solely focus on highlighting perceived flaws but should also acknowledge the positive impact religion can have on individuals’ lives through community support and spiritual guidance.

How Do Members Follow These Rules?

In the Old Apostolic Lutheran Church OALC, adherence to the rules is central to the faith. Members strive to uphold these guidelines in their daily lives, seeking spiritual growth and unity within the community.

One way members follow these rules is through regular attendance at church services. They gather for worship, prayer, and studying of scripture together. This communal aspect reinforces their commitment to following the teachings and principles set forth by the church.

Furthermore, OALC members emphasize personal responsibility in upholding these rules. They understand that it’s not enough to simply go through the motions; true devotion requires a genuine desire to live according to God’s word.

Through self-discipline and accountability, members actively seek guidance from church elders and leaders. These mentors provide support and direction on matters related to adhering faithfully to OALC rules.

Additionally, OALC families play a crucial role in instilling these values from one generation to the next. Parents teach their children about obedience, humility, modesty, simplicity, love for others – all fundamental aspects of living out their faith according to OALC rules.

While there may be challenges associated with following such strict guidelines consistently in today’s modern world, OALC members find solace in knowing they are part of a like-minded community dedicated to walking this path together.

Challenges and Benefits of Following OALC Rules

Following the rules of the Old Apostolic Lutheran Church OALC comes with its own set of challenges and benefits. On one hand, adhering to these rules can be demanding and restrictive, but on the other hand, it provides a sense of community and guidance for its members.

One challenge that individuals may face when following OALC rules is navigating through modern society. The church has strict guidelines regarding personal conduct, including abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, gambling, dancing, and certain forms of entertainment. This can sometimes make it difficult for members to fully participate in social activities that are deemed inappropriate by church standards.

Another challenge is the pressure to conform to societal expectations within the church itself. The OALC places a strong emphasis on modesty, both in appearance and behavior. Members are expected to dress conservatively and avoid immodest clothing or hairstyles. This can create feelings of judgment or exclusion for those who may not fit into these prescribed norms.

Despite these challenges, there are also numerous benefits to following OALC rules. For many members, adherence to these guidelines fosters a deep sense of belonging and spiritual fulfillment within their faith community. The shared commitment to upholding these principles creates a strong bond among believers.

Additionally, living according to these rules offers structure and purpose in daily life. By providing clear boundaries on what is considered right or wrong behavior based on religious teachings,

members find comfort in knowing they are living in alignment with God’s will.


the enforcement of such high moral standards promotes accountability within the congregation which ultimately leads individuals towards personal growth and improvement.


The Old Apostolic Lutheran Church OALC is a religious denomination with rich history and deep-seated beliefs. The OALC follows a set of rules that guide its members in their daily lives, emphasizing modesty, simplicity, and separation from worldly influences.

The importance of these rules cannot be overstated. They serve as a foundation for maintaining the unity and identity of the church while promoting spiritual growth and adherence to biblical teachings. While some may criticize certain rules as being strict or outdated, it’s essential to recognize that they are rooted in deeply held convictions and faith.

Members of the OALC strive to follow these rules diligently. It requires discipline and sacrifice but also brings numerous benefits such as a sense of community, strong moral values, and guidance in making life decisions.

However, it is important to acknowledge that adhering strictly to these rules can also present challenges. The restrictions on technology usage, clothing choices, entertainment options can sometimes feel limiting in today’s modern world. Nevertheless, many followers find solace in knowing they are living according to their beliefs.

The Old Apostolic Lutheran Church remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding its established rules. These guidelines shape how members live their lives within the context of their faith community.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with these specific rules is a matter of personal belief and interpretation. Nonetheless, it’s worth recognizing the dedication shown by those who faithfully adhere to them as they seek spiritual fulfillment within this unique religious tradition.

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