Quizizz Staying in tune with the challenges and successes faced by teachers, students, and administrators throughout 2022 has sparked some exciting developments! Here are a few features that not only proved relevant upon their release but continue to make a significant impact in the current school year – much to the delight of our teachers:

Enhanced student motivation, deepened learning.

Engage your students with the dynamic live game mode, where each student is driven to ascend to the top while enhancing their scores in real-time! It’s an all-in-one solution, providing teachers the flexibility to establish an overall accuracy score for the entire class to aim for during this interactive journey.

Mastery Mode operates on a similar principle, designed for asynchronous assignments, enabling students to practice and review at their individual pace.

Take the Redemption Quizizz and have fun while learning!

Excited by the incredible response to our Redemption Questions, we’ve taken it up a notch with the exclusive Redemption Quiz version! Picture the potential of a second opportunity – students now have the chance to triumph over those challenging questions and claim victory. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t appreciate an extra shot at success every now and then? The Redemption Quiz transcends the typical quiz experience; it’s a transformative journey propelling students toward unparalleled growth and achievement. Ready to grasp your second chance? Dive deeper into the details and set sail on your path to success.

Prepare effectively for assessments with improved readiness.

Addressing the dynamic shifts in exams and testing, especially in Texas, we’ve committed ourselves to developing six cutting-edge interactive Question Types precisely designed to align with state testing standards! This initiative is our approach to infusing an interactive and engaging element into the learning journey, guaranteeing students are thoroughly prepared for assessments. Explore further details about these impactful changes.

Give your work a final look, then submit.

Our goal was to create a testing environment that authentically replicates the experience for students – a space where they can strategically choose which sections to tackle first, reminiscent of traditional pen and paper tests! This innovation signifies a noteworthy transformation in the realm of strategic test-taking.

Relieve teachers of stress – they deserve it!

Recognizing the difficulties of juggling numerous tools, we’ve streamlined your experience by introducing the capability to import content directly from Google Forms. It’s like having all your favorite tools conveniently accessible in one place. Explore further details about this effortless integration.

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2022 brought fantastic tools for your school and students.

Get set for an empowering journey in the coming year! In 2023, we’re rolling out a range of productivity and efficiency tools crafted specifically for educators, aiming to simplify content creation, data management, and engagement.

Meet QUIZIZZ AI (BETA) – a groundbreaking addition designed to personalise the learning experience, streamlining your tasks on the platform for quicker and more efficient workflows. Welcome the new CATEGORISE and COMPREHENSION question types, bringing added versatility to your toolkit. And here’s the exciting part – our “Basic” users now have access to a variety of features that were previously paid.

We’re enthusiastic for you to dive into these upgrades and witness how they enhance your teaching journey. At Quizizz, we’re dedicated to empowering teachers, and 2023 is poised to be your year to shine. Let’s continue making waves together!